Final Game

We Host the Game for the Final.

Why choose Game Server over other Servers?

Here are some key concepts that we endorse, so you can have a more enjoyable Game experience!

True to the original! embraces the "Game" experience, but with a few changes to make everything run smoothly in a multiplayer setting. We strive to keep all new features from updates readily available to all players on our server to enhance their gaming experience. If you like to play Games how they are intended to be played, then you have come to the right place. We deliver Game Experience how it is intended to be!

In Game Hackers, Cheaters, and Spammers.

No one likes the intrusion of Hackers/Cheaters or Spammers interfering with their Game-Play! We have advanced anti-spam protection so chats are always clean and available to you, and other players. Any other attempted hacks will be blocked, and our staff will receive a notification explaining the details of the attempted hack for any Game. We create a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone!

Performance and Security. strives to be a step ahead of hackers and unwanted guests. Our servers are locked down and only accept connections to our secure resources to those people that need them. is hosted on a dedicated server, protected with a custom redundant multi-layer security system. We are hosted on a DDoS protected network, with DNS level optimizations and DDoS protection. The server is also backed up daily. Our page loading speed is increased from optimizing various elements of our pages, such as minification of our scripts. We host a fast and redundant dedicated server!


As we have now a new world the old world will be available to download. The worlds will be offert in separate package's.

[Downloads Are Removed]

The Final Game hosts a TeamSpeak server, which is available for you to use.
This is a great way to make new friends or to talk to your long distance friends.

What is TeamSpeak ?

With TeamSpeak, gamers can talk with one another in
real-time while they are immersed in an online game with
their friends and family. In addition, clans or guilds that
compete online can setup private TeamSpeak Channel
allowing their fellow teammates to organize themselves
and speed up their actions without having to spend their
precious time typing text or instructions for the rest of their
team to follow.

The Final Game TeamSpeak Details.


TeamSpeak ip:
TeamSpeak Passwords:
Just Join and wait patently for a admin approaching you.
It could be sometimes you have to wait for a while.
For the main channel no password is needed and you can connect as you like.

Download TeamSpeak 3 Client

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